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All services include a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Laptop Repair
Laptop having issues? Don't worry. One of our techs will repair your laptop fast.
PC Repair
Problem with your computer? Bluescreens, unable to boot to Windows, hard drive failure, or other issues? We will solve the problem and have your computer back to you typically within 24 hours or less.
Mac Repair
Our Mac repair service offers high-quality repairs and advice...without the premium price. Unfortunately, some Apple products we will not be able to repair due to the way Apple handles their parts.
Data Backup & Recovery
AdamsPC will back up your important personal data (documents, photos, videos, music, etc.). AdamsPC also provides data recovery from old hard drives.
Malware & Virus Removal
AdamsPC will scan and clean your computer for any spyware, viruses, or ransomware. AdamsPC recommends Sophos Cybersecurity Suite for both PC & Mac computers.
Software Installation
Need software loaded or upgraded to the latest version? You got it. AdamsPC can remotely connect to your computer (with your approval) and load or upgrade whatever software you need assistance with.
Hardware Upgrades
AdamsPC will upgrade your computer with a new processor, additional memory, faster graphics card, solid state hard drive, or load the latest version of Windows on your computer.
Custom Built PCs
AdamsPC builds custom gaming PCs for our gamer friends. These systems are built to the exact specs of the customer. Contact us today to have your dream machine built.
Network & Servers
Looking to upgrade your network? AdamsPC has the experience you need to help choose the best server, firewall, switch, access points, or other network devices to give your network the best possible performance.

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